Global Experience Customer and

Experience House Recruitment Activities

PrefabX is a new generation of prefabricated housing products, with 8 hours of installation, fashion, hardcover, safety and comfort, energy saving and environmental protection, convenient shipping and other advantages. In order to meet the needs of global customer experience, QTJ recruits experience customers and experience houses globally.

Rights enjoyed by experience customers

Preferential Purchase Right

Preferential Purchase Right. After being determined as an experience customer by QTJ and signing a formal agreement, you can enjoy the right to purchase PrefabX series products at 70% discount as preferential price based on the market retail FOB price.

Reception Reward

Every time you successfully completes the reception activities assigned by QTJ for customers who intend to purchase, you can obtain a reward from QTJ after the reception activities.

Free Promotion Right on Official Website

QTJ will promote and publicize experience customers’s experience locations free of charge via official website, so as to attract more interested customers and increase experience your reception opportunities.

Resource Support Entitlement

QTJ will provide experience customers with various publicity resources free of charge, including product manuals and product publicity videos, so that you can carry out publicity in the local area.

Agency Priority

As an experience customer, compared with other applicants in the same region, you has the priority to be selected as QTJ’s agent.

Responsibilities / Obligations of experience customers

As an experience customer, you shall guide, receive, explain, share and answer questions to the intended customers designated by QTJ, and provide experience conditions for the intended buyers.

As an experience customer, after receiving the product, you shall record the information on product unloading, deployment, installation, daily life related to the product usage experience in the form of pictures, videos and other media form, and record the experience sharing video (a paragraph describing his real experience and feelings), and send relevant pictures, videos and other materials to QTJ by e-mail: within 1 month (calculated from the date of receiving the product), and authorize QTJ to use such information and your information related (including but not limited to your address, contact information, contact person, video, photos, etc.) on QTJ official website, media, B2B and other business platforms to carry out product publicity and promotion activities.

You shall regularly (at least once a month) by e-mail (e-mail:, provide QTJ with the Market Research Report of the region where the experience point is located, including the experience, satisfaction and improvement suggestions of the local market on PrefabX series products.

We are looking for distributors

If you want to join our network of Global Experience Customer, contact us. We are looking for partners all over the world.


PrefabX firmly holds “Professionalism and Innovation”as its business moto, and strives to be the expert in your housing solution. It creates wealth in the society and added values to the customers. Like the clear sky and clean water, further improving our living and working environment is the kind of objective that PrefabX pursues.

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